Cloud Governance & Autonomous DevOps teams, friends or foes?

Cloud Governance & Autonomous DevOps teams, friends or foes?

A lot of companies strive for autonomous DevOps teams to increase velocity and deliver more value to their customers. Often this collides with Governance & procedures that are put in place by more traditional IT and security departments making it hard for teams to actually become autonomous and be less dependent on IT and security departments.

This doesn't have to be the case! In this session Geert will talk about how to set up cloud governance for DevOps organisations and he'll show you how to find the perfect balance between control & autonomy without decreasing security. Join this session to make all parties happy who are involved in building secure cloud solutions even in highly regulated environments like banks or healthcare industries

Language English
Level Level 200





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Edition The Cloud First
Room Track 1
Hour 2:05 PM


Geert van der Cruijsen
Geert van der Cruijsen

Geert is a DevOps Consultant, Cloud architect and full cycle developer working for Xpirit in the Netherlands. He helps development teams build better software by coaching and helping them hands on. Geert loves improving teams on all aspects, from sof...


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