IAM - with great power comes great responsibility

IAM - with great power comes great responsibility

When building a cloud native application, every software developer becomes a little DevSecOps engineer. But do you understand how to leverage the native cloud capabilities to do cloud security well? Can you use IAM (identity and access management) and make your cloud infrastructure least privilege, as it should be? We will go over common mistakes made in the cloud, take a look at the native tools the cloud provides are enabling us, and learn how to deploy and run securely an app in the cloud.

This session is aimed for developers and DevOps engineers who want to create a secured CI/CD process, and to the security engineers who want to help and not get in their way. In this talk you will learn how to shift left cloud security, how to reduce the unique attack surface of the cloud and to create a secured infrastructure configuration.

Language English
Level Level 200




Edition The Cloud First
Room Track 1
Hour 3:45 PM


Shira  Shamban
Shira Shamban

Shira Shamban is a security researcher and technical expert with a focus on cloud security. Currently, she is the co-founder and CEO of Solvo. Shira started her professional career in cybersecurity as a military officer in the elite intelligence unit...


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