Highly available, distributed & resilient software... team

Highly available, distributed & resilient software... team

Design patterns for building distributed, resilient, and scalable web applications are well known today. However, setting up a project organization to build them effectively remains a challenge, especially when the team itself is distributed. The "human" factor is a source of problems that are difficult to predict.

What would happen if you could take inspiration from the architecture of your applications to improve the communication of your teams?

Microservices, message queues, load balancers, caches, sharding, decoupling... These architectural concepts are designed to improve digital exchanges within our apps, and above all to anticipate and manage failures.

By modeling the exchanges within your team as software architecture, we will see how these design patterns can also be effective in solving our communication issues, very human this time.

Language English
Level Level 100
Edition The Cloud First
Room Track 1
Hour 10:40 AM


Yohan Lasorsa
Yohan Lasorsa

Experimented engineer with a passion for software development on mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and portable devices (wearables, game consoles...), I am interested in leading edge technologies and new human-computer interaction interfaces. ...


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