Dominik Tornow

Dominik Tornow

Dominik Tornow

About Dominik

Dominik Tornow is a Principal Engineer at Cisco. Dominik focuses on systems modelling, specifically conceptual and formal modelling, to support the design and documentation of complex software systems.

Canary Releases ● A Closer Look

Developing and operating cloud native applications introduce significant challenges and raise hard to answer questions: Will your app withstand unexpected load? Will your app withstand unexpected failure? How can you be sure? In this session, we will focus on maintaining an application’s responsiveness during the release of new service revisions – a daunting and nerve wracking period of any application’s lifecycle. Specifically, we will focus on canary releases, that is, the gradual rollout of new service revisions. We will discuss how to ensure scalability and reliability even in the face of a bad revision of an individual service. You will leave with an accurate, concise, and holistic understanding of microservices and service meshes, versions and revisions, deployments and rollouts, and monitoring and operation automation. Walk away with the confidence and knowledge to craft an almost unbreakable release process for an almost unbreakable microservice application.


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