M A Nakib

M A Nakib

M A Nakib

About M A

Nakib is a smart and young IT professional, MCT, Cloud Architect working with Corporate Projukti limited as Cloud Solutions. He had 3 years' experience in Microsoft Bangladesh. Being an adviser, he involves in building and enhance solutions & customer readiness on Microsoft Azure, O365 & other Cloud based service. He assists decision making audience in context of Microsoft product, services & deploy more than 100 projects on azure cloud maintaining best practice and Architectural level.

Nakib is renowned community person- From graduation time he had started his community contribution from university life being an MSP LEAD. He had engaged different technical workshop being a speaker as well as organized. He started his carrier as intern on Microsoft Bangladesh. He works on tech community development and trainer in of IT education workshop jointly with government.

Cloud Best Practice solution and Infrastructure as a Code.

Cloud solution is growing rapidly. We are building solution very earlier and planning to deploy on azure. If we deploy our existing solutions, we have to focus some design and architecture solutions. As well as multi version solutions we can do Terraform to deploying infrastructure as a code very effectively.


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