Marco Dal Pino

Marco Dal Pino

Marco Dal Pino

About Marco

Marco Dal Pino has been working in the IT for almost 30 years as Developer, Team Leader, PM and Advisory Engineer.

He mostly experienced on Microsoft development Platforms around .NET, for LOB, Desktop, Mobile and embedded applications.

He is a Trainer and a Speaker at main technical conference all around the world.

He is part of the staff of DotNetToscana a community focused on Microsoft technologies.

He received many award from IT company as independent Advisor like:

Microsoft MVP, Intel BlackBelt & Innovator, Nokia DevChamp, Hackster Live Ambassador

He actually works in Microsoft as Cloud Solution Architect.

From the Cloud to the Edge and back. An IoT Story

The Cloud and IoT are the perfect combination for modern control, monitoring, data capture, remote control scenarios. But when we need to meet specific use cases or particular applications where "time" and "distance" are important then the EDGE comes to help. Let's understand where and why does it matter.


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